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It's another meme. What a surprise...

Stolen from [ profile] sweet_lyri  . 

Will your next kiss be a mistake?
I hope not.

When was the last time you cried?
It has been a while. Possibly when stressing over the Sheffield debacle. Anger is one of the things that makes tears form.

Where is your biological father right now?
Upstairs, probably watching TV.

What is bothering you right now?
Money. Family. Lack of sleep.

Have you ever made out on a boat?
No I haven't.

Have you ever seen anyone get shot?
Nope. Except for the fake tv shootings.

Where are you?
On a beanbag in the living room

Does your head hurt?
Yes. I have a lack of caffeine-lack of sleep headache. 

Do you like someone right now?
I like a lot of people. Do I 'like' someone? Possibly.

Have you ever injected a drug?
No. Needles are not good.

When was the last time you saw your grandpa?
Early February, just after SFX Weekender. He offered me cameras. 

Look to your right, what is there?
A sofa with giant cushions on it.

Have any piercings or tattoos?
Only my ears so far.

Do you fight with your parents often?
I fight with my mother at least daily. My father sometimes - I'm the only person to manage to argue with him.

Where is the shirt you're wearing from?
I bought it at Bramham Horse Trials a few years back. It says "Attitude. It's not only horses that have it..."

Have you ever been in a car accident?
I have. The car got written off.

The thing that was bothering you before, is it still bothering you?
Yes and it will be for quite some time so you don't need to keep asking me about  it.

Do you know anyone with cancer?
Yes. My uncle has prostate cancer.

What bed did you sleep in last night?
I slept in my own last night.

Do you think the whole day is better if you smoke pot?
I think the whole day is better without the need to smoke anything.

Has anyone ever saved your life?

Do you get butterflies every time you see the one you like?
Not generally. I manage to give myself butterflies when I over think something.

What are you looking forward to?
Going away again. Finally getting a job.

Is it hard for you to get over people?
Not been so far.

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?
School uniform was compulsory at both primary and high school.

Do you get mad or discouraged when you're wrong?
I think that would depend on the situation and what it was that I was wrong about.

What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
Grumbled and then looked for my dressing gown.

Who did you ride in a car with last?
My father drove me to the train station last Friday.

What color shirt are you wearing?

Who did you talk to last that wasnt part of your family?

What's the last thing you ate?
Caramel slice.

Last thing you drank?
Black coffee.

Are you happy right now?
Not particularly. 

What did you do today?
Transferred photos from my camera. Watched Glee, Castle, Supernatural, Castle, Desperate Housewives, and now Spooks. Tweeted & emailed. Fun times.

Where is your phone?
On my bed side table, turned off.

Whats on your mind?
The things troubling me and this meme.

Do you own a computer?
I own two laptops and one desktop computer.

What is your myspace song?
It was something by Blue Gillespie but think that song has been removed now so there'll be nothing there.

Where was your default picture taken?

Facebook - a shopping centre in Preston.
Twitter- The Park Inn, Northampton

What woke you up this morning?
Someone knocking (hammering) at the door and then driving off before I could get to the door.

What is your current mood?
Tired and headache-y. Also, fat. (yes, that is a mood...)

What's the last thing someone said to you?
"Among other things. I'm cruel, but fair."

Last person you hugged?
My father.

Are you wearing make-up?
Mascara, if there's some left on from Sunday, otherwise no.

Who do you most look like in your family?
Some say my father, some say my gran (mother's side).

Did you have a dream last night?
I did. It was a little weird. It was like normal life but with everything very slightly different (eg. names, locations etc)

What were you doing at 11:30 last night?
I was watching Castle.

What's for dinner tonight?
For dinner I had chicken burger, crispy potatoes and peas.

What are you doing tonight?
Lazying in front of the tv & laptop. Then having an early night *ahem*