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I've already named a drink, just not after me. It's a Cheeky JD and consists of Jack Daniels and Cherryade. Simple yet absolutely lovely. Mmm...
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Well... There's this little thing called 'lucid dreaming' which does allow you to control your dreams. And yes, I can do it. Had to teach myself how to lucid dream because of a nightmare I was having every single night when growing up. Managed to take control of that dream/nightmare, change the events and haven't had it since.

There are some side effects though. Sometimes it happens without a conscious decision and it leaves me absolutely exhausted in the morning, feeling like I haven't slept. 
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Still waiting for something to happen.

When something happens!

Sorry flist, I'll stop spamming now. Thoughtful mood occurring currently.
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Thinking through this answer, 10 minutes is quite a lot of time.

I'd grab: 
1. my mobile - so I'd have everyone's contact details.
2. my external hard driver - for all my photographs and music.
3. my convention folder - for the only half-decent photos I have of me.
4. my mp3 player - because I love my zen, it's brilliant and you can't get them anymore.
5. my car keys - do I need a reason for this one? There are so many.
6. draw of childhood photographs - to keep some happy memories.
7. enough clothes to keep me going.

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I have never told any family member that I want them out of my life and meant it. May have done it the 'teenage angst' years, but those are generally brushed aside.

Do I wish I had the courage to say it to a family member now? Hell yes! One in particular is making my life very difficult and creating an unhappy place to be. It's all excused with "We're too different, we could never get on." and phrase like that. Yesterday I found that the same family member doesn't trust me in the slightest. 

Also, my mother has demanded that my fathers parents have nothing to do with us. The locks have been changed  and my father given a deadline to cease all contact with his parents or my mother wants him out of the house. This is all happening because they don't consider her part of the family. Who knows if I am.

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Eliminating any one emotion would have an adverse effect.

Take 'regret' for example. If you could not regret something you've done, accidentally or purposefully, what is there to make you learn from the error or mistake?

Without 'sadness' you would not have 'happiness', you'd just have a constant state of 'meh'ness. (go with it, it's 1.30am and I can't think of the correct word.) Likes and dislikes would be affected, and what about hobbies? Would they exist? 

You need the two opposing emotions, both negative and positive, to have any range and to get the full feel for life.

[Error: unknown template qotd]1. The only song I've sung at karaoke was 'The Cheeky Song'

2. In my first show jumping competition I fell off at the final jump.

3. I once shot an arrow though the centre of a clock.

[Error: unknown template qotd]I would do Strictly Come Dancing, although first I'd have to become famous!
Err well for starters I'd learn to dance all the dances and I'd use my, err, assets...
[Error: unknown template qotd]How long have we got?!

John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who, + pretty much every other bbc programme). Audiobook signing at Borders in London. It was the most popular signing ever in Borders. He's very orange in person.
Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood, Doctor Who, + more). Audiobook signing at Nostogia & Comics in Birmingham. Way way hotter than he appears on TV. *drools*
Daniel Boys (Any Dream Will Do, Princeton & Rod in Avenue Q). At the stage door of The Noel Coward Theatre in London.
Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand). After the Franz Ferdinand gig at The Faversham pub in Leeds.
Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand). After the Franz Ferdinand gig at The Faversham pub in Leeds.
Bob Hardy (Franz Ferdinand). After the Franz Ferdinand gig at The Faversham pub in Leeds.
Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand). After the Franz Ferdinand gig at The Faversham pub in Leeds.
Amber Benson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chance, Supernatural, Lovers Liars & Lunatics). Lovers, Liars & Lunatics DVD signing at Forbidden Planet in Leeds.
Ian Rankin (Rebus author). Doors Open signing at Waterstones in Leeds.
Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten). Atomic Kitten book signing at Selfridges in Manchester, Ladies Night signing at Virgin Megastores in Bradford. Solo single signing at Virgin Megastores in Liverpool and at Trafford centre in Manchester. (were there more?)
Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten). Ladies Night signing at Virgin Megastores in Bradford
Jenny Frost (Atomic Kitten). Atomic Kitten book signing at  Selfridges in Manchester, Ladies Night signing in Bradford.
Darius Danesh (Popstars). Autobiography signing at Borders in Leeds.
Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl) Autobiography signing at WHSmiths in Leeds.
Connie Fisher (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria - Maria in The Sound Of Music). At the stage door of London Palladium Theatre in London.
Mark Goldthorp (Weakest Link West End special, Nicky & Trekkie in Avenue Q). At the stage door of The Noel Coward Theatre in London.
Candy Ma (Christmas Eve in Avenue Q). At the stage door of The Noel Coward Theatre in London.
Christopher Fry (Avenue Q). At the stage door of The Noel Coward Theatre in London.
Edward Baruwa (Avenue Q). At the stage door of The Noel Coward Theatre in London.
Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs). Well kinda met him. He held my hand at the Kaiser Chiefs gig at The Academy in Leeds and high-fived me at O2 Festival, Harewood House in Leeds.
Ryan Jarman (The Cribs). Signing at HMV in Leeds.
Gary Jarman (The Cribs). Signing at HMV in Leeds.
Ross Jarman (The Cribs). Signing at HMV in Leeds. He introduced himself to me and shook my hand! Is this normal behaviour??
The Pigeon Detectives (all of). 'You Know You Love Me' signing at Jumbo Records in Leeds where the lead singer tried to chat me up. FAIL. 2 performance/signings at HMV in Leeds, possibly 3. After gig at Leeds Met. Before gig in Millennium Square in Leeds.
The Wombats (all of). 2 performance/signings at HMV in Leeds.
Jill Jackson (Speedway). After gig at The Cockpit in Leeds. (and band) Performance/signing at HMV in Leeds.
Paolo Nutini After Speedway gig at The Cockpit in Leeds. Peformance/Signing at Virgin Megastores in Sheffield. After gig at Leeds Met.
Paolo Nutini's band  Performance/Signing at Virgin Megastores in Sheffield. After gig at Leeds Met.
Jim Duguid (Speedway, Paolo Nutini's drummer) Speedway Performance/Signing at HMV in Leeds. Paolo Nutini performance/signing at Virgin Megastores in Sheffield.
Mel B (Spice Girls). Dvd signing at Tescos in Seacroft, Leeds.
Bradley (S Club). Hi-Fi Club in Leeds.
Lee Brennan (911).
Jimmy (911).
Dane Bowers. Hi-Fi Club in Leeds.
The Redwalls After Zutons gig at The Academy in Leeds.
Hymns After Zutons gig at The Academy in Leeds.
Tiny Dancers. After Paolo gig at Leeds Met and twice after Tiny Dancers gigs at The Cockpit in Leeds.
The Sugars. DJ in Hi-Fi Club. At Von Bondies gig in The Cockpit, Leeds.
Micky P Kerr. Walking past Leeds Uni. Sat outside a closed Italian Restaurant by Leeds Uni.
All of the BTCC '08 Drivers. Croft race circuit before the race.

I know there are more but can't really remember!

Coming soon: (hopefully)
Kai Owen
Eve Myles
Matt Rippy
Burn Gorman
Tom Price
Roderic Culver
Siobhan Hewlett
Phil Ford
[Error: unknown template qotd]Mobile phones that play music through inbuilt speakers are most definitely the worst invention. Damn you scallies on buses. I hate you. Thank fuck for the conductors on the purple bus.
[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm gonna cheat with this. Only fair I give you warning!

1. Torchwood. Series 1 & 2 boxset.  Yes such a thing does exist. Live w/o Torchwood? Not worth living.

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Entire series boxset.  Cos Buffy is Buffy and it may age (season one) but it's still awesome.

3. Queer as Folk (US). Entire series boxset.  The dvd player will have to be multi-region as this monster only exists as region 1, and possibly whatever the chinese region is. Because I need to know how it ends. Only seen seasons 1-4 and not 5. I've read the ending but need to see it with my own eyes before I believe it.

4. The House On Haunted Hill. The remake.  The only horror move that has managed to scare me. Recently bought the dvd but haven't had time to watch it yet.

5. Teachers (UK). Entire series boxset.   The funniest TV programme ever.

allieandra: (Gwen; picnic 2x11)
( Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:38 pm)
[Error: unknown template qotd] 1. Necronomicon by H.P.Lovecraft.   A collection of his works. Nice and thick, printed on very fine paper. Should take some time :D

2. The Vines Of Yarrabee by Dorothy Eden.  I've read this book twice and both times took me over a year to read. I was a lot younger and probably didn't appreciate the brilliance of this book. Hope my Gran still has it so I can borrow it once I've finished my pile. Actually, I might pick it up next time I go round!

3. A Little Love Song by Michelle Magorian. Took this book out of the school library numerous times and it never lost it. Whatever 'it' is. Wartime romance isn't my usual cup of tea.

4. Anything Goes by John Barrowman & Carol E. Barrowman.  I swear this book is the funniest thing ever written. Laughing out loud on the bus. Check. Not being able to read in lectures for fear of laughing out loud. Check. Sex up a tree. Check.

5. Green Angel by Alice Hoffman.   So close to choosing Relentless by Simon Kernick but as that one has only been read once and Green Angel has been read multiple times that was my choice. Deliciously dark teenage fiction, with a little hope winding it's way through the thorns. (If you've read it, you'll appreciate that description!)

[Error: unknown template qotd]I was actually going to post this story AGES ago but forgot in the after-gig rush of Kaiser Chiefs at Leeds Academy back in October.

I was sat in Starbucks killing some time before going to Northern Monkey and onto the Academy, reading a magazine. The was a girl and a lad sat in the comfy chairs opposite and they were discussing god knows what but they got onto the topic of dogs. And which dogs were the most fanciable. I remember there was a list of three that they decided on, one of which was a bull dog - I can't remember the other two offhand but I remember thinking 'Captain John Hart (Torchwood) would disagree with you there. He likes Poodles!'
[Error: unknown template qotd] Well yeah, I've been to Leeds festival! *hugs*

BTW: I'm in a sarcastic mood so beware

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BUFFY and Angel, and Firefly.

Others that I miss include Teachers (UK), and Queer As Folk (US).

I'm also a little worried Torchwood is going to join the list of defunct shows. Dunno why but this move to BBC1 for a 5 episode series has my stomach somewhat knotted, which the break after series 1 & 2 didn't. Please make it to series 4. PLEASE

[Error: unknown template qotd]This question has a really simple answer fro me. Angel. Surely anyone who saw the end of the last episode will agree. My dad does and he's only seen a few episodes. I was just  screaming what at the TV for about an hour afterwards. Bad bad ending Joss.
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I cannot live without mayonnaise and those caramel squares asda sells. Daily fresh bread is also high up on the list.

Cannot stomach greasey foods most of the time. Red meat also disagrees with me nowadays :( Oh and the smell of vinegar is enough to turn my stomach



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