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Ones I read before Feb 09 (mostly from sometime 2008). Will probably be updated with comments and other books - my stack of read books is too far away. *stretches* nope can't reach it.
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Feb 2009:

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March 2009:
Out Of The Past by Sean Michael  
Doctor Who: The Stealer Of Dreams by Steve Lyons   REVIEW

April 2009:
Martha In The Mirror by Justin Richards

May 2009:
Son Of A Witch by Gregory Maguire
Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides
Into the Silence by Sarah Pinborough
Bay Of The Dead by Mark Morris
The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams

Currently Reading:

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
The Murder Exchange by Simon Kernick
Let It Bleed by Ian Rankin
Necronomicon by H.P.Lovecraft

Stack of books waiting to be read
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 06:44 pm)
  • Going to see Friday 13th tonight at 11.35pm. Late night horror flick at the cinema? Hell yeah!

  • Was reading Son Of A Witch yesterday whilst waiting for my Materials Lab. Finished page 186 (or there abouts), looked at next page to find out it was page 263. Brilliant. No pages had been ripped out. No gap in the spine. No missing pages elsewhere. Safe to say wasn't impressed. Did no one else who had read that copy notice? Will be having a trip to the library to complain/inform them. Thank god for eBooks. Albeit with different page numbers.

  • Dr Black was running said Materials lab and asked me to stay behind and speak to him. I was thinking 'oh fuck'. It obviously showed as he went on to explain he wanted to discuss mix designs for my dissertation. The new baby (Grace) is making it difficult for him to keep up with what everyone's doing and it's worrying him.
  • When discussing this he said to me 'Rachel spotted your nails'. Shit. Fuck. and all the words inbetween. I was trying to think up a way of politely saying 'if you're about to tell me to cut my nails I'm doing a different dissertation'. Luckily this speech was not needed. Apparently if I'm comfortable with working with long nails (why would they be long if I wasn't?!) then they would take special precautions so I could use the machinery. *pumps fist in air*

  • Still need to book hotel for Avenue Q. Someone remind me to do that later.

  • 8 and a bit days til my first con! Wooooo
  • Why is everything the same weekend? Leeds Unis summer ball. Collectormania. Utopia. probably Bramham Horse Trials.  I wanna go to Utopia as Gareth David Lloyd and James Moran are doing it. But with that being the saturday and london it wipes out pretty much everything else. Collectormania is the entire weekend and is in Milton Keynes. assuming spatch wants to do the entire weekend. There's no one I wanna see at that so far. Bramham Horse Trials is Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun. Normally just do Sat/Sun unless is brilliant weather and then I burn badly on the Friday! Only made it to three years so far. Actually might be four as I think one year I just did the friday. That would still allow me to do the Summer Ball -assuming other people want to go. My final year at uni but most people are staying on for another year and Katy Perry isn't likely to make my friends want to go. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

For starters getting up at 6 after going to bed after 3 is not a good idea. Should have learnt my lesson last time I went to London to see John Barrowman after Spatch's birthday night out.

The foyer of the hotel was incredibly posh. Door man, large and bright wooden foyer with the fancy looking restaurants and bars leading off to the back. The room was more as I expected and looked out over the Lyceum Theatre where Lion King was showing.
photo of view out of my window )

Met up with Katie, Matt and baby Neve in Starbucks before the Avenue Q matinée performance. They do make a beautiful family and both of them sit staring at Neve constantly, Katie with a big grin. It's just a shame that people stare and look down their noses at them because they look like students, Katie is but that's not the point.

Ended up going to the Noel Coward theatre a little later than I had planned because we spent so long catching up and there was a long queue out of the front doors.
Once inside made a tee shirt purchase and picked up my program

T-Shirt )T-Shirt )

program and 'funky pen' )

Everyone seemed to be taking photos of the stage. Does the photography ban in the auditorium not start until the cast comes on?? It was the same for Wicked too, but more about that later.

Avenue Q stage photos )

On the way to the stage door:
Theatre photographs )

At the stage door after the matinée I met, and got autographs from:
Candy Ma
Edward Baruwa
Christopher Fry

Really wanted to meet Danny and Mark so decided to head back to the theatre after the evening performance. But before that had a little time to kill. Switched on the TV and shockingly Doctor Who was on. Wactched that, got bored again and decided to mess around with my camera. This is one of the resulting pictures:

Hi )

err yeah anyway, back to the stage door. A few more people there this time so I didn't look like a street walker stood on my own leaning against the wall! Caught the two actors I wanted to see before heading back to the hotel so I could get up bright and early on the Saturday.

Met Daniel Boys and Mark Goldthorp. Got a photo with Daniel too. The were both running off, completely knackered after the two shows.

Yes I look terrible! )When he signed my program he admired my 'funky pen' and then tried to get rid of an annoying guy trying to sell roses. The wanker even tried to jump in on the photo! Daniel checked it came out alright before running off. He is lovely. And gorgeous. Great arse too. Shame he's gay!

Hmmm think this is going to be in two (or possibly more) parts as I'm falling asleep writing this and have just realised nothing has been written about Avenue Q itself. Sorry!

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( Feb. 1st, 2009 10:02 pm)

Got bored, made count downs!
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