Sorry if I'm spamming flists but I want to get my older pics up so I have a complete masterlist of photos.

Leeds Met : I was front middle so pics are rather close up but obviously there's a lot of blurryness from being in the pit... will add video stills later as hopefully they will be a bit clearer! Amazing gig though :D     [taken from my post elsewhere at the time]
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It's difficult enough for me to remember what photographs I have posted and which I haven't so this may be of use for anyone browsing my journal.

This post is a WIP and will be pinned at the top of my lj with a 'last updated' date tagged on the end of the title.

Some entries may be locked, if you want to view and can't then comment here.

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( Dec. 6th, 2009 02:24 pm)
I've set up a DeviantArt account for my photography, drawings and paintings. Please head over and check it out. It's being updated regularly and concrit comments are always welcome :)

Got quite a few photos at Collectormania (3 more than I'd planned), even though I looked pretty bad.

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As before these photos (except 1) are unedited and resized by facebook so the quality is slightly lower than it could have been. A few full sized images may be posted later depending on how long this takes and how quickly they upload.

My photographs are taken from two different places; 1st half - 3rd row, 2nd half - front row.

Also I now have the full set list. Also got a towel which now belongs to Cat. Thanks to Daniel (percussion) for these :)

Now let's see whether I can remember how to code this properly...
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Had a great day, met some great people and then, to top it all, found out that my seat (block C row D 1)was actually front row! & the people in the other 2 seats didn't turn up so certain people may have commandeered them...

I may have taken too many photographs but I couldn't resist having worked out the manual settings on my camera.

The following photos are straight off my camera, resized by facebook and appear here completely unedited. The quality improves as you go down

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( May. 12th, 2009 11:24 am)
A photo found through flickr that just makes you go 'awwww'

Photo )

This is from the signing at the Marsters' Class in London on the 2nd of May

Original photo: here

Photobucket decided to re-order my photographs for me so these may or may not be in the correct order.

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The continuation of my photos from the Cross-Country day. I'll add the links to the larger versions later.

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Backing up all my photos online & posting them to lj to be able to find them all easier.

A lot of these aren't great, but for action shot with a poor quality camera I think they're pretty amazing. Click for bigger.

Bramham Park International Horse Trials

7/6/08 - Cross-Country day

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there are more to come but livejournal doesn't seem to want to post anymore in this entry

For starters getting up at 6 after going to bed after 3 is not a good idea. Should have learnt my lesson last time I went to London to see John Barrowman after Spatch's birthday night out.

The foyer of the hotel was incredibly posh. Door man, large and bright wooden foyer with the fancy looking restaurants and bars leading off to the back. The room was more as I expected and looked out over the Lyceum Theatre where Lion King was showing.
photo of view out of my window )

Met up with Katie, Matt and baby Neve in Starbucks before the Avenue Q matinée performance. They do make a beautiful family and both of them sit staring at Neve constantly, Katie with a big grin. It's just a shame that people stare and look down their noses at them because they look like students, Katie is but that's not the point.

Ended up going to the Noel Coward theatre a little later than I had planned because we spent so long catching up and there was a long queue out of the front doors.
Once inside made a tee shirt purchase and picked up my program

T-Shirt )T-Shirt )

program and 'funky pen' )

Everyone seemed to be taking photos of the stage. Does the photography ban in the auditorium not start until the cast comes on?? It was the same for Wicked too, but more about that later.

Avenue Q stage photos )

On the way to the stage door:
Theatre photographs )

At the stage door after the matinée I met, and got autographs from:
Candy Ma
Edward Baruwa
Christopher Fry

Really wanted to meet Danny and Mark so decided to head back to the theatre after the evening performance. But before that had a little time to kill. Switched on the TV and shockingly Doctor Who was on. Wactched that, got bored again and decided to mess around with my camera. This is one of the resulting pictures:

Hi )

err yeah anyway, back to the stage door. A few more people there this time so I didn't look like a street walker stood on my own leaning against the wall! Caught the two actors I wanted to see before heading back to the hotel so I could get up bright and early on the Saturday.

Met Daniel Boys and Mark Goldthorp. Got a photo with Daniel too. The were both running off, completely knackered after the two shows.

Yes I look terrible! )When he signed my program he admired my 'funky pen' and then tried to get rid of an annoying guy trying to sell roses. The wanker even tried to jump in on the photo! Daniel checked it came out alright before running off. He is lovely. And gorgeous. Great arse too. Shame he's gay!

Hmmm think this is going to be in two (or possibly more) parts as I'm falling asleep writing this and have just realised nothing has been written about Avenue Q itself. Sorry!

My new camera arrived this morning even though it wasn't supposed to arrive until the 11th. I love it. It's so much better than my last one which is supposed to have the same number of megapixels.

Old Camera: Fujifilm FinePix A900. Really dreadful. Takes ages to take photos with or without flash. With flash the image is all streeky (see Franz Ferdinand photos). It only really works in good daylight (holiday photos) and even then the settings need messing with. Image stabaliser doesn't work. If you've seen my Gareth David Lloyd photos you'll know what I mean.

Anyone want to buy it off me?!   SOLD

New Camera: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. So far it seems amazing. Obvoiusly I've not taken it to a gig yet, or really ventured outside in the snow but I have taken photos from my window of moving objects (collared doves) and stationary features in the garden. Tried both Manual and Automatic settings with a range of full (10x) to no zoom. Everyone came out well. Dispite shaking hands and being taken through glass it has already outclassed the Fujifilm by miles.

Looking forward to my trip to London on Friday/Saturday. Going to touristy things between theatre productions to test out the camera further. The 8gb memory card I bought should last me for a long trip too which is good.

Me & Jennie, middle of front row. Met support aftywards too! :D Could have met Zutons but went for drinks instead.

Cut Cut )

They're not very long but as they uploaded along with my photographs I might as well post them.
(Photos coming soon - need to rotate them!)

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( Jul. 30th, 2008 05:57 pm)
 The rest of my photographs from my holiday in Dorset.

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( Jul. 29th, 2008 11:56 pm)

Brownsea Island. A pretty awesome day. Walked for miles around the entire island, saw 3 red squirrels (!!) and they are supposed to be really difficult to spot during the summer.



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