As before these photos (except 1) are unedited and resized by facebook so the quality is slightly lower than it could have been. A few full sized images may be posted later depending on how long this takes and how quickly they upload.

My photographs are taken from two different places; 1st half - 3rd row, 2nd half - front row.

Also I now have the full set list. Also got a towel which now belongs to Cat. Thanks to Daniel (percussion) for these :)

Now let's see whether I can remember how to code this properly...
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As per usual my comments are italised.
Want my opinion/comments or the summary on any book listed then ask.

Ones I read before Feb 09 (mostly from sometime 2008). Will probably be updated with comments and other books - my stack of read books is too far away. *stretches* nope can't reach it.
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Feb 2009:

Feb )

March 2009:
Out Of The Past by Sean Michael  
Doctor Who: The Stealer Of Dreams by Steve Lyons   REVIEW

April 2009:
Martha In The Mirror by Justin Richards

May 2009:
Son Of A Witch by Gregory Maguire
Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides
Into the Silence by Sarah Pinborough
Bay Of The Dead by Mark Morris
The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams

Currently Reading:

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
The Murder Exchange by Simon Kernick
Let It Bleed by Ian Rankin
Necronomicon by H.P.Lovecraft

Stack of books waiting to be read
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There's an online music player which makes it free to listen to pretty much any song/album and is totally legal. (Trusting NME's website on that fact). It seems pretty brilliant as you can save albums to listen to as playlists and it all loads instantly.

A lot of old music doesn't seem to be there yet (a search for Bad Company only brought up one album!) and Domino Records don't seem to have signed up to the service as Sons & Daughters and Franz Ferdinand albums aren't on there. But there are loads of B-sides that I have spent ages looking for so Allieandra=happy.

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And so this isn't just me advertising a product, the main reason I posted this is that I want your album/music recommendations. Ideally Rock/Metal but I'm pretty easy when it comes to music - just don't make me listen to Rhianna or Mika or other shit like that :D


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