Thursday evening I went to try out a new riding stables after getting increasingly frustrated with Astley taking advantage of me and, quite frankly, taking the piss.

At Astley I had been put in a ride with beginners after the owner realised, after a few years in the most advanced class, I wouldn't be riding every week. In the beginners ride I ended up teaching some of the girls and being the instructor's (read: yard helper) aide and showing the rest of the class the right and wrong ways to do thing. Yes, they made me adapt things to make them wrong and over exaggerate them so it was obvious what I was doing. Okay, this would be fine if I wasn't paying £20 an hour, but having to pay to teach others and not learn anything myself? 

Okay, rant over! Now onto the good stuff.

I'd been looking for somewhere new for quite some time but work got in the way of visiting different stables and investigating, so when my father ended up being called out to a yard, I kept my fingers crossed. Small yard, nice owner, looked good and someone I used to ride with was there & she recommended it. The only problem, the price of the classes. Still, I couldn't not go and try it.

The place is a tad disorganised, but in a good way, that makes you feel relaxed. Was left to hang around in the pony club house while the others got horses ready etc. The owner's daughter (who was taking the class) lead into the arena the ex-race horse while the others brought in their own mounts. Safe to say I freaked a little. Ex-race horse is something I've not experienced before and wouldn't be a good combo with my butterflies. Luckily he was passed onto someone else, who obviously couldn't cope with him in the yard, and I was given the big bulky horse.

Jaffa is pretty much the same build as Bandit who I used to ride all the time, so I was more than happy. He's (Jaffa) an Appaloosa, is 15.1hh (or his back is 5'1" to those not in the know) and is only 5 or 6yrs old, which is a bit of a baby compared to riding school horses so he's still learning.

Start of the ride was walking around the arena to warm up. Instead of walking straight on, Jaffa decided he was heading for the door which had been left open. Now if you've ever tried a tug of war against a horse you'll know that it's impossible to win, but somehow managed to convince him that the new girl was in charge and she knew what she was doing. Didn't stop him trying to take the mickey every so often though. Just going around the arena as a ride he decided the horse infront was too slow and then decided he didn't like being at the front and would walk sideways into the wall instead. Luckily my long boots are a little to big so it wasn't my foot that kept colliding.

Next up, canter circles. Done those often. Very easy. Well, not with Jaffa. Anticlockwise circle? He'd fall out to the right and then head straight on. Into other horses. Missed the front of one by millimeters. I wasn't winning the tug of war again. Holding my whip against his shoulder as an added pressure did the trick, just before I got too dizzy to focus and my arms fell out.

After this the girl infront turned round and said I was doing really well as Jaffa is a pain to ride. Shed fallen off twice and refused to ride him again. Okay! Just what I wanted to hear! She was just trying to be nice though and luckily I had enough confidence to believe I wasn't out-horsed.

Onto riding square corners, again this is basic stuff that I've done a million times. With new horse, doable. Lets go straight in the deep end. Canter. Over poles. With everyone watching. (including everyone in the pony club room which doubles as the viewing area.) Jaffa's fast, I like fast, just not so much when it involves trying not to get my leg taken off by the wall or trying not to accidentally kick the pony club people who were so close they were getting whipped by tails. Was great fun despite this, and the loud thunk as the wall met my foot as we stopped. My father heard it from the other end of the building!

Others doing this exercise had much more difficulty than me, especially the girl on the ex-race horse. I think he was called Kiki or something similar. Anywho, as he cantered up to the first pole, which was laid on the ground, he took off. A very impressive jump and the girl managed to stay on but Kiki had spooked himself and kept charging round. Next time round he was on the wrong stride and jumped early to avoid landing on the pole. It was a huge jump, over a metre high and easily over 6 foot long (I'm estimating, using people lengths!). Horse still charging round even more spooked; girls hanging head first over his shoulder. Somehow she managed to stay on and calm him down, just. Many a rider would have come off and not sure how I'd have faired. Fingers crossed for when I get to ride him!

Something else I liked about the stables - I was trusted to go, untack and rug up Jaffa without anyone checking up on me (Dear Elf of Safety - I've been doing this for 17 years, you can assume I know what I'm doing), which made a nice change to Astley. I did notice a hoof pick on the floor in the middle of the yard, point up. I may have saved a lot of money by picking it up and moving it so you owe me plenty of good times, Saxton!

And on a lighter note, one of the best things about being on a yard are the cats there. I found a lovely fluffy grey thing that made me it's cushion while purring and doing happy paws. I may have to kidnap the fluffball next time!

*breathes* So yeah, that's longer than I expected but to sum it all up: Yay! new stables! Have booked another ride there and will be phoning Astley and telling them to stick it.
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( Jun. 13th, 2010 01:51 pm)

99 Things You Might Not Know About Me...

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( May. 4th, 2010 03:32 pm)
God yesterday was rough. Kinda saw it coming with the grump I got into on Sunday night. There was no real reason for it, I'd been having a good day watching BTCC and then 'bam', it just hit. I snapped at people on twitter, luckily noticing in time to apologise and disappear before it got out of hand. I must apologise to everyone on my twitter for the tweetage yesterday, thanks for putting up with me. And thanks to the people who tried to cheer me up.

When I finally got my laptop to work yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to research the possibility of further study, something to give me just a little bit of hope in life. Instead, it kinda crushed me. I was huddled over the laptop blinking furiously to get rid of the impending tears.

So, yeah, studying is out of the question because, quite simply, I can't afford it. Not that I know exactly what I want to learn but I miss being productive, I miss learning and I miss maths. (Geek). 

None of my job applications have even got past the initial screening and I've been sending off multiple applications every week for the past six months. How disheartening is that? I've come to terms with not being able to get a job in the foreseeable future so I need something to keep me occupied in the mean-time.

I'd like to make my own furniture. It looks easy and fun and I desperately need new furniture. What I'd really like is to buy lots of antique furniture as it has character and, yeah 'cos I'm weird like that, but  I guess home-made stuff is the next best thing. It would have character from the challenge of making it and it's individuality. But again, first I need money.

Bit of a weird place to leave this entry but my brain just died again. It feels like the exhaustion that hit me every year of high school and sixth form and made me ill, but there's no reason for it this time. *sigh* Yeah, I'm still down (you can probably tell by my style of writing) and there's nothing I can do about it.
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( Dec. 6th, 2009 02:24 pm)
I've set up a DeviantArt account for my photography, drawings and paintings. Please head over and check it out. It's being updated regularly and concrit comments are always welcome :)

Got quite a few photos at Collectormania (3 more than I'd planned), even though I looked pretty bad.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]1. The only song I've sung at karaoke was 'The Cheeky Song'

2. In my first show jumping competition I fell off at the final jump.

3. I once shot an arrow though the centre of a clock.

James Moran (Torchwood writer among other things) has blogged about the Torchwood preview. I'm mentioned in this blog as we dragged him to the bar after the screening where we chatted for a couple of hours. He is a lovely man and you should all bow down at his feet.

Blog Here
As before these photos (except 1) are unedited and resized by facebook so the quality is slightly lower than it could have been. A few full sized images may be posted later depending on how long this takes and how quickly they upload.

My photographs are taken from two different places; 1st half - 3rd row, 2nd half - front row.

Also I now have the full set list. Also got a towel which now belongs to Cat. Thanks to Daniel (percussion) for these :)

Now let's see whether I can remember how to code this properly...
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Had a great day, met some great people and then, to top it all, found out that my seat (block C row D 1)was actually front row! & the people in the other 2 seats didn't turn up so certain people may have commandeered them...

I may have taken too many photographs but I couldn't resist having worked out the manual settings on my camera.

The following photos are straight off my camera, resized by facebook and appear here completely unedited. The quality improves as you go down

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( May. 18th, 2009 11:22 pm)

Allieandra is now on DreamWidth.
I'm here:
and my icons are here:

Not liking the lack of icon space so far. 6 is just not enough!
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( May. 8th, 2009 07:03 pm)

gURL.comI took the "handwriting personality" quiz on
my handwriting personality is...
sensitive scripter

Your handwriting reveals you as a thoughtful, intellectual type who avoids fake people and places where there's lots of noise and crowds. You're probably the one people go to when they're feeling super sad. Read more...

What does your handwriting reveal about you?

I've not been commenting/posting much for a while as I have an ongoing computer problem. My laptop keyboard has broken so I'm using a wireless keyboard, which seems to like refusing to work and opening different things on the toolbar/menu bar when I press a key rather than typing a letter. Wow that was a long sentence. So yeah, still here, still reading but not commenting much (copy/pasting of individual letters in time consuming and irritating).

Hope everyone's good. Not long until new Torchwood now :D

It's coming even sooner for me as I've managed to get (read [ profile] mrhapptits  bought me) a ticket for the preview screening on 12th June in London. I'm excited already!  Wonder which cast members other than John Barrowman will be there.

Book Meme
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( Apr. 26th, 2009 09:54 pm)
Snagged from [personal profile] beggar_always 

Sorry lj isn't liking my cut and no matter what I do it keeps reverting to the same thing :(
memeage )


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So, allieandra, your LiveJournal reveals...

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For starters getting up at 6 after going to bed after 3 is not a good idea. Should have learnt my lesson last time I went to London to see John Barrowman after Spatch's birthday night out.

The foyer of the hotel was incredibly posh. Door man, large and bright wooden foyer with the fancy looking restaurants and bars leading off to the back. The room was more as I expected and looked out over the Lyceum Theatre where Lion King was showing.
photo of view out of my window )

Met up with Katie, Matt and baby Neve in Starbucks before the Avenue Q matinée performance. They do make a beautiful family and both of them sit staring at Neve constantly, Katie with a big grin. It's just a shame that people stare and look down their noses at them because they look like students, Katie is but that's not the point.

Ended up going to the Noel Coward theatre a little later than I had planned because we spent so long catching up and there was a long queue out of the front doors.
Once inside made a tee shirt purchase and picked up my program

T-Shirt )T-Shirt )

program and 'funky pen' )

Everyone seemed to be taking photos of the stage. Does the photography ban in the auditorium not start until the cast comes on?? It was the same for Wicked too, but more about that later.

Avenue Q stage photos )

On the way to the stage door:
Theatre photographs )

At the stage door after the matinée I met, and got autographs from:
Candy Ma
Edward Baruwa
Christopher Fry

Really wanted to meet Danny and Mark so decided to head back to the theatre after the evening performance. But before that had a little time to kill. Switched on the TV and shockingly Doctor Who was on. Wactched that, got bored again and decided to mess around with my camera. This is one of the resulting pictures:

Hi )

err yeah anyway, back to the stage door. A few more people there this time so I didn't look like a street walker stood on my own leaning against the wall! Caught the two actors I wanted to see before heading back to the hotel so I could get up bright and early on the Saturday.

Met Daniel Boys and Mark Goldthorp. Got a photo with Daniel too. The were both running off, completely knackered after the two shows.

Yes I look terrible! )When he signed my program he admired my 'funky pen' and then tried to get rid of an annoying guy trying to sell roses. The wanker even tried to jump in on the photo! Daniel checked it came out alright before running off. He is lovely. And gorgeous. Great arse too. Shame he's gay!

Hmmm think this is going to be in two (or possibly more) parts as I'm falling asleep writing this and have just realised nothing has been written about Avenue Q itself. Sorry!

I am soo tempted to get a paid account. Is it worth it?
It would be nice to get rid of the adverts, get more user pics and the ability to edit comments.

When paying for something in US$ will I get charged by the bank?

*tests out new icon* (got a new profile too)
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( Feb. 1st, 2009 10:02 pm)

Got bored, made count downs!
here be they )

Stolen from [ profile] put_that_away , who's not actually someone I know. We've exchanged comments a few times but that's it! Wanted a distraction from researching my dissertation topic and hey presto new post spotted that looked kinda interesting.

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Money
5. Love
6. LiveJournal

Basically, you can just ask me anything you like. You can use the things listed above as prompts if you wish, or you can just ask whatever springs to mind, and you can ask as many questions as you wish.

I only changed one of the prompts (number 4 if you're interested) because I thought the prompt 'Drugs' was rather restrictive, but maybe that's just me. You can still use that one if you want though.

*wonders whether anyone will reply*


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