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( Dec. 31st, 2010 08:47 pm)
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I wish I could have moved out and I wish I could have found a better paid, permanent job. These are now my aims for next year. Really want to be out of here by my birthday.

To my friends: I love you all very much and I wouldn't be here without you. Hope 2011 is brilliant.


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( Dec. 25th, 2010 11:41 pm)
Merry Christmas!

I now have a full set of Angel dvds (finally upgraded from VHS), so this makes  me happy. Many other things don't, but I won't bore you with those. Hope y'all had a great day.

Much love,
Got quite a few photos at Collectormania (3 more than I'd planned), even though I looked pretty bad.

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( Oct. 22nd, 2009 07:09 pm)
Hub 3 tomorrow. Very excited but really can't be arsed packing. Had such a busy week I just want to sleep & that's not going to happen until Tuesday night now.

Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon(morn) = The Hub 3

Mon = La Cage Aux Folles

Tues = London-Birmingham (hopefully seeing friend) - Leeds then SLEEP.

Still need to work out what trains I need to catch to get home. *yawn*

Someone pack for me?
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( May. 19th, 2009 11:15 pm)
1) Press Alt+Ctrl+Down

2) Press Alt+Ctrl+Up to fix it

3) This doesn't work on Jason Arnopps computer. He is upset. I am amused. Oh how I love Twitter

4) I has a twitter stalker, or a twalker. Her name is Jennie and she is an evil genius. Don't cross her or she'll fuck with your computer.

5) I have FINALLY defrosted from going to Donington Park on Sunday for the BTCC. Photos to come. Including one of the back of Jennie's head.

6) Trains shouldn't be so bloody expensive. I am going to Collectormania. Want to go to MCM and plan on going to LFCC & Hallowhedon. Still need to pay for trains to/from the Hub. Funds needed

7) On friday I will be old enough to drink alcohol in America. Not going so why do I care? Because I'm gonna be old. That's why.

8) John Barrowman & Daniel Boys on Friday too. Sexy times.

9) I want a cat. Really bad. I am the stereotypical old lady. I want an old cottage with lots of cats. And to live on my own. I want a cat, like George, to have conversations with, to curl up with and to share a slice of ham with. God I miss George. It's only been 8 or 9 years.

10) Should I get a long chunky fringe like this?
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( May. 10th, 2009 12:51 am)
Yes I'm getting my twitter feed sent here. Apologises to anyone who finds it on their friends page before I get chance to lock it as private. I'm @Allieandra if anyone's interested. Feel free to add. My conversations tend to go off on tangents but they can be fun to jump on if you see something you wanna comment on.

Other than being a Twitter addict right now I've also realised nearly all my plans are Torchwood related.

My Plans:
11/05 - Tom Price in York
17/05 - British Touring Car Championship at Donington
22/05 - My Birthday
John Barrowman in Blackburn 
27/05 - John Barrowman in Harrogate
01/06 - John Barrowman in London
05/06 - Leeds Uni's Summer Ball
12/06 - Torchwood Preview screening in London
13/06 - Bramham Park Horse Trials (possibly)
14/06 - Bramham Park Horse Trials
20/10 - Franz Ferdinand in Leeds
23/10 - The Hub:3 in Birmingham
24/10 - The Hub:3
25/10 - The Hub:3
26/10 - The aftermath of the hub!
I've not been commenting/posting much for a while as I have an ongoing computer problem. My laptop keyboard has broken so I'm using a wireless keyboard, which seems to like refusing to work and opening different things on the toolbar/menu bar when I press a key rather than typing a letter. Wow that was a long sentence. So yeah, still here, still reading but not commenting much (copy/pasting of individual letters in time consuming and irritating).

Hope everyone's good. Not long until new Torchwood now :D

It's coming even sooner for me as I've managed to get (read [ profile] mrhapptits  bought me) a ticket for the preview screening on 12th June in London. I'm excited already!  Wonder which cast members other than John Barrowman will be there.

Book Meme
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( Apr. 26th, 2009 09:54 pm)
Snagged from [personal profile] beggar_always 

Sorry lj isn't liking my cut and no matter what I do it keeps reverting to the same thing :(
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 06:44 pm)
  • Going to see Friday 13th tonight at 11.35pm. Late night horror flick at the cinema? Hell yeah!

  • Was reading Son Of A Witch yesterday whilst waiting for my Materials Lab. Finished page 186 (or there abouts), looked at next page to find out it was page 263. Brilliant. No pages had been ripped out. No gap in the spine. No missing pages elsewhere. Safe to say wasn't impressed. Did no one else who had read that copy notice? Will be having a trip to the library to complain/inform them. Thank god for eBooks. Albeit with different page numbers.

  • Dr Black was running said Materials lab and asked me to stay behind and speak to him. I was thinking 'oh fuck'. It obviously showed as he went on to explain he wanted to discuss mix designs for my dissertation. The new baby (Grace) is making it difficult for him to keep up with what everyone's doing and it's worrying him.
  • When discussing this he said to me 'Rachel spotted your nails'. Shit. Fuck. and all the words inbetween. I was trying to think up a way of politely saying 'if you're about to tell me to cut my nails I'm doing a different dissertation'. Luckily this speech was not needed. Apparently if I'm comfortable with working with long nails (why would they be long if I wasn't?!) then they would take special precautions so I could use the machinery. *pumps fist in air*

  • Still need to book hotel for Avenue Q. Someone remind me to do that later.

  • 8 and a bit days til my first con! Wooooo
  • Why is everything the same weekend? Leeds Unis summer ball. Collectormania. Utopia. probably Bramham Horse Trials.  I wanna go to Utopia as Gareth David Lloyd and James Moran are doing it. But with that being the saturday and london it wipes out pretty much everything else. Collectormania is the entire weekend and is in Milton Keynes. assuming spatch wants to do the entire weekend. There's no one I wanna see at that so far. Bramham Horse Trials is Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun. Normally just do Sat/Sun unless is brilliant weather and then I burn badly on the Friday! Only made it to three years so far. Actually might be four as I think one year I just did the friday. That would still allow me to do the Summer Ball -assuming other people want to go. My final year at uni but most people are staying on for another year and Katy Perry isn't likely to make my friends want to go. Hmmm decisions, decisions.
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 06:05 pm)
Right I need to get ready to go out the door in 10mins but first I have to say: I ICE SKATED TODAY! Pretty damn amazed that I did. I can go, rather fast but not stop/slow down. Turning was sometimes an issue but I didn't fall over! Not once!

Need to figure out what to wear for the rest of Jennie's do. Bit cold for a dress.

Me & Jennie, middle of front row. Met support aftywards too! :D Could have met Zutons but went for drinks instead.

Cut Cut )
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( Dec. 21st, 2008 06:02 pm)
oooh I'm excited already :D

Gold ticket booked
Hotel booked and then cancelled - share arranged
Train tickets booked

new camera - probably
a hairdryer
it to be March now
more spending money
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( Nov. 21st, 2008 04:11 pm)
Allieandra is still putting off the 20 page essay that's due in on Monday. Millions of calcs to do as well; and apparently it all takes about 2 weeks to do. Whoops.

On a much happier note; I'm going to see John Barrowman in concert on my 21st! on my own but at least I won't have my friends getting my family to do Cossack (sp?) dancing in the kitchen again...

Also going to see JB 5 days after my birthday. Not obsessive. Not at all. My reasoning is that I didn't get to see him on his last tour so I'm going twice to this one!

Soooo excited about the Hub 2. Now all I want is for JB to go aswell. Please. I know it's the day after your birthday but need RL Janto-y goodness! *Happy Sigh*

Off to see The Zutons tonight with Jennie :D gonna be good I hope
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( Nov. 7th, 2008 11:41 pm)

'M beginning to stress over my NaNoWriMo going so darn slowly. Only got 2363 words. Should have done that in a day and in twenty mins it's day eight. How productive would writting it out of order be as I have a selection of scenes in my head it's just the linkage between them that's going oh so slow.

Gotta start my 6000 word project asap too as it's due in just over two weeks.

My Plans for Nov/Dec
NaNoWriMo - 5000 words
Design a road and write a 6000 word essay about it. Project should be around 70 pages. well it was round 20 pages in the end
Essay on Railways which I have a feeling should be around 50 pages.
Structural And Stress Analysis problems
Draw a house on an architecture computer program Done :D Albeit badly I think
Engineering Mathematics problems
Civ Eng Otley run  didn't go
Several birthday parties went to 2, not going to other 2
Attend a bassillion lectures
Daily two hour bus ride
Sleep? - Maybe not.
ooooh it was fun :D Here be a quick photo story type thing... yeah so a few words and a few pics basically.

On the way down, lots of talking so went really quickly until we hit a traffic jam and ended up behind this tanker

Yes I was a little sad and got over excited, squeeled & took a photo. What you expected any less from me?!
Should I phone the number? Tempted to.

... still not got round to creating myself a new header yet, and probably won't until after the 29th because I'm going down to Birmingham on wednesday so I can meet Gareth David-Lloyd on saturday. Oh and to visit my friend!...
...but I do have a new mood theme. Torchwood again, but this time it's Ianto with added Janto. Again with thanks to the amazing [profile] cowboyhd

*   I've created loads of new icons but they're currently private as they are currently a jumbled mess :(
*   Expect plenty of incoherency once I am back from said trip to Brummyland
*   Expect more incoherency following teh Franz at teh Fav.   (note over-excited non-englishness)
*   Anyone interested in a rec post?


well at least for a while anyways

just had a day with Jennie and Simeon drinking cocktails. Why didn't this happen whilst I was still at uni? I had such a great day that i'm considering sticking out another year to continue the good times but I fucked up my c/w & exams as I have/had no intention of going back. hmmmmm. Is it possible to socialise with students whilst working full time and living with your parents? I worry not :(

Anyway trip to Glasgow in September is planned. Not sure how long for - probably  depends on cost/remaining funds :D
-A is for Age:
20    :o

-B is for Beer of choice?

-C is for something you Crave :

-D is for your Dog' s name:
I could say something really rude now...hmmm... nope sorry, i don't own a dog

-E is for an Essential item you use Every day:
Coffee mug

-F is for Favorite TV show at the moment:
Doctor Who

-G is for favorite Game:
The Sims 2

-H is for Home town:

-I is for Instruments you play:

-J is for favorite Juice ;

-K is for Kickin ass:
Jones, Ianto Jones.    ...  not sure what you actually want here!

-L is for Last place you ate:
Bramham Park

-M is for Marriage:
Maybe someday

-N is for your full Name:
Alexandra McCulloch

-O is for Overnight hospital stays :
Nope. I refused even though I could have died

-P is for favorite Place:

-Q is for Quote:
Watch Buffy and pick a line any line

-R is for biggest Regret:
Oh there are many

-S is for Status:
Suffering from being in the sun all day

-T is for Time you woke up today :
8am  :o

-U is for Under wear you have on now:
Pink stripey boxers

-V is for a Vegetable you love:

-W is for Worst habit:
self deficating (sp?)

-X is for X- rays youve had:
A fair few.

-Y is for Yummy food you ate today :
None! The real lemonade was yummy though

-Z is for the Zodiac sign:


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