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( Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:00 pm)

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( Oct. 22nd, 2009 07:09 pm)
Hub 3 tomorrow. Very excited but really can't be arsed packing. Had such a busy week I just want to sleep & that's not going to happen until Tuesday night now.

Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon(morn) = The Hub 3

Mon = La Cage Aux Folles

Tues = London-Birmingham (hopefully seeing friend) - Leeds then SLEEP.

Still need to work out what trains I need to catch to get home. *yawn*

Someone pack for me?
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( May. 10th, 2009 12:51 am)
Yes I'm getting my twitter feed sent here. Apologises to anyone who finds it on their friends page before I get chance to lock it as private. I'm @Allieandra if anyone's interested. Feel free to add. My conversations tend to go off on tangents but they can be fun to jump on if you see something you wanna comment on.

Other than being a Twitter addict right now I've also realised nearly all my plans are Torchwood related.

My Plans:
11/05 - Tom Price in York
17/05 - British Touring Car Championship at Donington
22/05 - My Birthday
John Barrowman in Blackburn 
27/05 - John Barrowman in Harrogate
01/06 - John Barrowman in London
05/06 - Leeds Uni's Summer Ball
12/06 - Torchwood Preview screening in London
13/06 - Bramham Park Horse Trials (possibly)
14/06 - Bramham Park Horse Trials
20/10 - Franz Ferdinand in Leeds
23/10 - The Hub:3 in Birmingham
24/10 - The Hub:3
25/10 - The Hub:3
26/10 - The aftermath of the hub!
ooooh it was fun :D Here be a quick photo story type thing... yeah so a few words and a few pics basically.

On the way down, lots of talking so went really quickly until we hit a traffic jam and ended up behind this tanker

Yes I was a little sad and got over excited, squeeled & took a photo. What you expected any less from me?!
Should I phone the number? Tempted to.

... still not got round to creating myself a new header yet, and probably won't until after the 29th because I'm going down to Birmingham on wednesday so I can meet Gareth David-Lloyd on saturday. Oh and to visit my friend!...
...but I do have a new mood theme. Torchwood again, but this time it's Ianto with added Janto. Again with thanks to the amazing [profile] cowboyhd

*   I've created loads of new icons but they're currently private as they are currently a jumbled mess :(
*   Expect plenty of incoherency once I am back from said trip to Brummyland
*   Expect more incoherency following teh Franz at teh Fav.   (note over-excited non-englishness)
*   Anyone interested in a rec post?




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