God yesterday was rough. Kinda saw it coming with the grump I got into on Sunday night. There was no real reason for it, I'd been having a good day watching BTCC and then 'bam', it just hit. I snapped at people on twitter, luckily noticing in time to apologise and disappear before it got out of hand. I must apologise to everyone on my twitter for the tweetage yesterday, thanks for putting up with me. And thanks to the people who tried to cheer me up.

When I finally got my laptop to work yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to research the possibility of further study, something to give me just a little bit of hope in life. Instead, it kinda crushed me. I was huddled over the laptop blinking furiously to get rid of the impending tears.

So, yeah, studying is out of the question because, quite simply, I can't afford it. Not that I know exactly what I want to learn but I miss being productive, I miss learning and I miss maths. (Geek). 

None of my job applications have even got past the initial screening and I've been sending off multiple applications every week for the past six months. How disheartening is that? I've come to terms with not being able to get a job in the foreseeable future so I need something to keep me occupied in the mean-time.

I'd like to make my own furniture. It looks easy and fun and I desperately need new furniture. What I'd really like is to buy lots of antique furniture as it has character and, yeah 'cos I'm weird like that, but  I guess home-made stuff is the next best thing. It would have character from the challenge of making it and it's individuality. But again, first I need money.

Bit of a weird place to leave this entry but my brain just died again. It feels like the exhaustion that hit me every year of high school and sixth form and made me ill, but there's no reason for it this time. *sigh* Yeah, I'm still down (you can probably tell by my style of writing) and there's nothing I can do about it.
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