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Eliminating any one emotion would have an adverse effect.

Take 'regret' for example. If you could not regret something you've done, accidentally or purposefully, what is there to make you learn from the error or mistake?

Without 'sadness' you would not have 'happiness', you'd just have a constant state of 'meh'ness. (go with it, it's 1.30am and I can't think of the correct word.) Likes and dislikes would be affected, and what about hobbies? Would they exist? 

You need the two opposing emotions, both negative and positive, to have any range and to get the full feel for life.

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I have never told any family member that I want them out of my life and meant it. May have done it the 'teenage angst' years, but those are generally brushed aside.

Do I wish I had the courage to say it to a family member now? Hell yes! One in particular is making my life very difficult and creating an unhappy place to be. It's all excused with "We're too different, we could never get on." and phrase like that. Yesterday I found that the same family member doesn't trust me in the slightest. 

Also, my mother has demanded that my fathers parents have nothing to do with us. The locks have been changed  and my father given a deadline to cease all contact with his parents or my mother wants him out of the house. This is all happening because they don't consider her part of the family. Who knows if I am.

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Thinking through this answer, 10 minutes is quite a lot of time.

I'd grab: 
1. my mobile - so I'd have everyone's contact details.
2. my external hard driver - for all my photographs and music.
3. my convention folder - for the only half-decent photos I have of me.
4. my mp3 player - because I love my zen, it's brilliant and you can't get them anymore.
5. my car keys - do I need a reason for this one? There are so many.
6. draw of childhood photographs - to keep some happy memories.
7. enough clothes to keep me going.

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Still waiting for something to happen.

When something happens!

Sorry flist, I'll stop spamming now. Thoughtful mood occurring currently.

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